How to Get Hair Healthy and Long

At some point everyone wants to grow out their hair. What is the best and healthiest way to do this? Surprisingly, cutting it regularly will help. Depending on where you are starting from there are a few simple rules. For short hair, pixie cuts, go as long as you can and then when you can't go any longer, go an extra 2 weeks. Short hair tends to be healthier anyway becasue you typically cut it every 4-6 weeks. Once you get to the bob stages, I recommend since normally you are cutting every 6-8 weeks to keep it's shape, when growing it out go 8-10 weeks. For long hair, typically you should be cutting 8-10 weeks. I will say to go no more than 12 weeks.

Long hair is tricky. I know, I know you are thinking hair grows from the scalp why should you cut your hair so often. Well, if you have split ends they are breaking. The breaking is going against the growth from the scalp. Ever see someone with long hair and the whole bottom half is see thru? That's all the breakage. Also using a Split end mender is always good too (NIOXIN Intensive deep Repair Masque).

Here is what our Artistic Designer Krystle Hansen had to say:

"So how many of you love your long hair? I'm one of those girls that loves their long hair and I have a hard time getting a trim. If you have long hair and you want to keep it nice and not looking see thru at the bottom you need to get trims. Every 4-6 months is really pushing it. You should be cutting it every 3 moths at least. When getting a trim you should get a half inch off every time just to keep the split ends from moving up the hair shaft and getting crispy. Don't be scared to lose the half inch of hair because your hair grows a half inch every month so if you get a trim every three months you will have grown an inch or more then what you had. You will have healthy hair."