Hairstyling Tips - The Right Tools

You go to the salon and you leave with an amazing style and you say to yourself, "I'm never going to get my hair to look like this again." But let's be honest. Are you using the same products and tools at home? How many of you are using the same brush from who knows when and a blowdryer that seems to feel like a slight afternoon breeze? Having the right products and styling tools are so important in recreating the looks. There is no magic but just the right amount of help. When choosing a brush, use a size that you are comfortable with. A larger brush will give you more straightening while a smaller brush will give you more curl. For products, remember that it is important that it is heat protecting. Now, there is a difference between blowdry protectants and hot tool (curling/flat iron) protectants. Yes they are two differnt things. Especially if you use any irons, it is important to use a thermal protectant. Irons get very hot and you don't want to cause breakage because of the heat.

Here are tips on brushes from our Artistic Designer Krystle Hansen:

"For all the ladies out there that aren't sure what kind of brush to use while blowdrying. let me shead some light to better your blowdrys. First of all, never get a brush that you are unable to control. The second thing to think about is boar bristle vs. metal nylon brush. The differences are that one smooths, boar bristles and the metal nylon is made to add wave or volume. If you have curly hair or if you have very frizzy hair and like it straight, a boar bristle brush is definetly the brush for you. It will give you a super straight blowdry with great shine. For you girls that love volume and waves, you will need a metal brush with nylon bristles. The metal in the center traps the heat and acts as a soft curling iron without the high heat. The smaller the brush, the more wave you will get. The bigger the brush, the more volume and smothing. You never want to get a small brush if you have long hair because you will be blowdrying forever, but also putting yourself in a situation that can get very tangly. A great brush is the key to blowdrying. It will save you the time and the damage from the flat iron and the curling irons. We love the Technique and Cricket brushes."