Hair Treatments for Thinning Hair for Men and Women

Do you feel like your hair isn't what it used to be? Is there anything that really works for thinning hair or even to be preventative?

Here is what Advanced Designer Derek Yuen had to say:

"Men's hair fashion is an increasing trend. As I work my day to day in the salon, one question keeps coming up : "How do I get my boyfriend/husband to come in and get a haircut?" My advice is always to buy them a gift card and give the gift of a great haircut, works like a charm.

Upon meeting all of my new male clients, their first concern is : "Am I thinning? What can I do to fix that? " I myself have started to ponder this question, am I thinning? or receding? I'm convinced I am, as I do reconize my hairline is a tad bit see through and I see in the shower that I am shedding more than usual.

Before I can give advice and answer the question I must research and use several products and track the results on my own hair. I used everything from organic, to not organic, to scalp stimulating, etc. The best results, Nioxin Hair System Kits ($45). These simple to use Cleanser/Conditioner/Treament packages is giving my hair fullness and noticably reduced shedding. Labeled 1 to 6, everyone falls into one of the catergories, pick one and the claim is "Thicker, denser-looking hair in 30 days. Guarenteed."

How does it work? The 3-part system helps cleanses the scalp of excessive oils and treats the scalp making it a better environment for hair to grow in thicker and denser looking hair. It has vitamins that help draw blood up towards the scalp, therefore "feeding" your hair and strengthening its growth potential.

After my first week, I didn't notice more hair, however I did notice less shedding. Actually, almost no shedding. By the second week, my scalp had significantly less flaking, as I suffer from year-round dry scalp. It's been 5 weeks since I started at my hairline is starting to look denser, feel fuller, and my fear that at 25 years old I'm balding is cured.

And, Nioxin isn't just for men. Feedback from my female clients have been great as well."

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