Clarifying Hair - Why is it important?

Clarifying Hair? What's that? In order to keep your hair looking and feeling it's best, you need to clarify your hair at least once a week. It removes build-up of oils and products in the hair from environmental to personal. Your hair will feel healthier and shinier and your color will last longer. What you will notice at Salon Eva Michelle is that we clarify every head of hair before it gets colored. Yep, we wash the hair to get rid of any build-up before we color so we get a truer, cleaner color result. In the past, everyone thought that you needed to color on dirty hair because the chemicals were so strong. The natural oils acted like a protectant to the scalp. Now a days dirty hair will only impede the hair color. The chemicals in color are no longer harsh so if the hair is dirty you won't get the best results. It can also cause fading because the color never penetrated into the hair fully.

Now go cleanse. See and feel the difference!

Here is what Artistic Designer Krystle Hansen had to say:

The truth about clarifying shampoos is that everyone needs to be using it. EVERYONE. If you've already read my blog about not shampooing everday, you would know that daily shampooing is a no no. Why should have a clarifying shampoo in your shower? Well, its because is the only thing that actually, fully, cleans the hair. It strips away product build up, metals that might be in your water from the shower, everyday pollution. And for those that like to swim, it removes the chlorine build up. I know your wondering if you have color if it will strip out the color. If the shampoo isn't abused, then it actually makes your color last longer because it removes all the dulling effects in your hair. If you get your hair colored you definitely want to be using a clarifying shampoo. You want to at least use a clarifying shampoo once a week. If you're a product junkie, like myself, you will most definitely want to be using it twice a week. You will be cleaning your hair from all of the alcohol and silicone that could effect your hair color or the softness of your hair. For the those of you that shampoo once a week ....or LONGER..... you better be using a clarifying shampoo because you need it the most. A great clarifng shampoo is Soma Clarifying Shampoo.