The Truth of Washing Your Hair Everyday

Are you one of those that has to wash your hair everyday? Do you feel like you get too oily and you can't bare skipping a shampoo day? You could be doing more harm then good. Over shampooing your hair and using the wrong products can cause your scalp to produce too much sebum, your natural oils. Think of your scalp as an extension of your face. If you over washed your face you would get really dry or for some, really oily. You need your scalp to regulate the sebaceous glands because the more you wash, the more they will produce. You should be able to go at least every other day without shampooing. Also, using the right products do make a difference. Most people don't even know they are using the wrong shampoo. Everyone always thinks they need moisture and that is not always true. And remember shampoo is for your scalp and conditioner is for the ends.

Here is what our Artistic Designer Krystle had to say:

I know it might sound scary to you if you like to wash twice a day but washing your hair everyday isn't the best for you. When you start pushing your shampoos to every other day, you will notice that your hair will start to feel softer and your hair won't be as oily. And for those of you that still say that your hair is still oily, stop putting your greasy hands in it. Your hands have natural oils on them and it also stimulates your scalp to produce more oils.

I used to be like you washing everyday. Now, I go about every three days before I need to shampoo. Yes, need to, and my hair has never felt better. I have very fine hair and used to wash my hair twice a day. I have colored hair so I used moisturizing shampoos and would always play with my hair. The right products are so important. I started to push my shampoos every other day; and boy was it hard. I felt so greasy but as I kept doing it, within a month I loved it. Once I went every other day I just kept pushing it and finally got to 3 to 4 days. I actually hate my first day hair and love my second day hair because it looks so much better.

Another thing I changed was my shampoo. I alternate using a clarifying shampoo (Soma Clarifying) and a color protecting shampoo (Wella Brilliance). Try and stay away from moisturizing shampoos if you have fine hair. Another tip, when using your conditioner, stay away from your roots. Your ends are where you need moisture, not your roots. I hope you give this a try because it will give your hair a better sheen and have your hair feeling a lot more softer.