Hair Color Ideas to Brighten You Up

Especially now when the cold weather has been around and not as much sun, we all feel a bit drab. Remember when you were younger and your hair was lighter? Now it feels like your hair gets darker and darker as the years go by. It probably has more to do with the fact that we spend a lot of the days in doors now. But why not brighten yourselves up with a little sun kissed color. Here is what our Artistic Designer Anastasia Morrison had to say:

"Do you have dirty blonde hair that gets beautiful high lights in the summer and hate when they go away in the winter. I have many clients and friends that have the same dilemma. I find that most clients would like to keep the beautiful sun kissed high lights they have but are nerviouse to get a foil because they still want it to look natural and be low maitenance. What I like to do to achieve this look is a partial foil or mini foil depending on the hair type. Instead of using lightner I like to use a high lift color because that will keep it softer blonde. When highlightig I like to mainly focus on where you part your hair and around the face. The goal is to highlight where the sun naturally will. Also to add demention, I like to use two different tones of high lift colors so when your hair moves you see this beautiful natural blend of blondes. The best part of this look is that it grows out so natural even when your root starts to come in you will barely notice. So keep in mind just because it's winter dosent mean you can't look like you have been kissed by the sun."