Blonde Hair Color Or Not... That Is The Question...

I think all women at one point in their lives wonder what they would look like as a blonde. I would say most women have tried it and are still blonde because it becomes an addiction! Here are some key questions to ask yourself before taking the plunge into the world of blondes! Have you had the same hair color for years and it's starting to look a little drab? Are you looking for an extreme makeover? Do you think Blondes have more fun? Well, if the answer is yes to either or both of those questions, then it's time to go blonde! We just need to figure how blonde can you or do you want to be.

There are so many ways to make this happen. You can get highlights, balayage, ombre, single process or become a double processed blonde. What is the difference between these options and how do I decide what works best for me? This is where a professional stylist comes in. There are a few factors that will help with the decision:

How is your hair? - Every client comes with what I like to call a portfolio. It's important that the stylist understands and knows what your hair consists of and the history of your hair. The stylist should put into consideration the texture, the density and the thickness of your hair. As a client, you should inform your stylist of all previous services and or issues you may have with your hair. This includes color from years ago to last month. This way the stylist will be able to offer you the best choice of service without compromising your hair.

Color - Caramel, Butter, Honey, Icey ... sound yummy? Those are all words that can describe a delicious shade of blonde. So which shade would be best for you? You should always factor in your skin tone so your hair color can complement you instead of wash you out. Many clients also readjust their wardrobe and makeup according to their shade of hair. Again, your stylist will be able to offer you suggestions that will best suit you and also put into the consideration of whether your hair can be transformed into the shade of your choice.

Commitment - Especially Single Process/Double Processed blondes require some serious commitment. This is an all over blonde which will require a client to visit the salon for a service at least every 3-4 weeks to maintain a consistent healthy color. Balayage and Ombre techniques don't require as much commitment since the color is usually not applied directly at the root. Partial/Full Highlight clients usually return for their next service within 8-10 weeks.

Care - Taking care of your luscious blonde locks is very important! Good shampoos and moisturizing conditioners should be a part of your daily care but there are a few other products that you may add to your product basket that I suggest you get! For those blondes that tend to get a bit yellow or brassy before their next service, I suggest getting a purple shampoo that will brighten up your blonde instantly at home (SOMA Blonde & Silver Shampoo). Do not overuse this product though, once every 2 weeks should be sufficient. A repairative masque/treatment is also a great product to have and should also be used every 2 weeks to maintain healthy hair (NIOXIN Intensive deep Repair Masque).

Now go on and take the plunge and see if Blondes have more fun! There is a perfect shade of blonde for everyone!

 --- Advanced Designer Jennifer Ng