Short Haircuts for Women in 2012

It's the year of the Black Water Dragon! I don't know what this really means, but I think with a new year comes a new do! I say, cut those dead ends off and try something different. Whether your hair is long, short or something in between, there is always a way to modernize your look season after season. You just have to believe in yourself and trust your hair stylist (look out for How to find the Right Hair Stylist). Few key things I forsee in women's cuts this year; fringes, retro, and fun! Short is back! Well actually, it never left, but I think we are seeing a lot more of it for 2012. Not only is it a great way to get rid of the old dead ends, but also a way of expressing a fresh new you. The difference with this year is we're going all the way down to the crop cut. We are seeing a lot more edge;think rock glam crops. It screams strength, class, and mystery. The crop is not only for the daring and young, it's a beautiful haircut that many women can strut. You just need the right one. If you're thinking you could never go short, think of it this way, if you can wear your hair in a pony with your hair slicked back, you can rock a fabulous short style! My motto is if your hair gets pulled back more than 50% of the time, then it's time for a cut.

For the bobs of 2012, a little more flirty I think. Having a bit of a kick and flare to the ends; voluminous and messy. The cut may even show a bit of asymmetry. This is great because it gives more versitility. It's very playful with partings and you can get dramatic or serious in your styling.

If the haircuts are too scary to jump into, then start slow with the fringe. This is a great quick way to change your look. Get rid of the side swept, flowing fringe and go bold! The cropped fringe is great! It really works with a lot of people, it just comes down to face shape. Go really short for a smaller forehead or a little longer if you prefer the Bettie Page-look. It can be solid or textured. It's a great strong, fierce move that will make a bold statement for 2012!