New Hair Styles 2012

It's time to change! As I have said before 2012 is about change. So let's start with your hair. I mean if you are going to do it from head to toe, it makes the most sense to start with your hair. From the start of your day depending on how those tresses are doing it sets up your mood for the rest of the day. If you are having a bad hair day it usually follows with an, "I have nothing to wear" to "My day is miserable!" Does it not? So let's start with that!

For 2012 we are seeing some life coming back to hair. It's like a revival or an evolution of hair. In 2011 we saw a lot of effortless natural hair, which was great, but for 2012 I see it being effortless, but more styled. Hair that is glamorized. Hair that can be changed from day into night and back into day. It's about being smart with your products and being able to layer and cocktail as the day progresses. Versatility! Some styles for 2012, well this is only the beginning.

The bouncy blowdry is coming back and we like it. We call it theTwist. Use your metal brushes like a curling iron (let the blowdryer heat up your sections in the brush), set and twist out your sections for the ultimate bounce. And don't forget to use a volumizing heat protectant (Sebastian Professional's Volupt Spray) to help you get that maximum soft lift. And don't be afraid to brush out that hair with a big Boar Bristled brush to get ultimate softness and movement. A good set will bounce back no matter how many times you brush it out! If you're having one of those bad hair days then tousle that hair and do a little bit of twisting, braiding, piling and pinning. The key is the pinning.