Mens Hairstyles for 2012

I bet you thought we forgot about you men out there! Are you thinking how much can you really change? You'd be surprised, but let's just talk about hair! We didn't forget about you boys! 2012 is about growing out and becoming men. A lot more styling for men like the slicked back with the tight undercuts or the slightly loose body waves for that indie rock-like flip. Hairstyles for men are having a come back. A little bit of long and short combined. Like I've said before, versatility! And we are enjoying it!

Here is what our Advanced Designer, Jennifer Ng had to say:

"I cater to men just as much as I do women. Which only goes to show that men are just as concerned about their hair these days as women. So what's going on in the salon these days? Well, I'm seeing my clients really take a step away from their "usual" with baby steps. I call it the, "usual with a little oomph". Whether it's changing the length on top or the sides, I like to change their haircuts according to the seasons. For example, leaving a little more length to keep them warm in the winter. Or for the college grads, transitioning their hairstyle from dorm room to board room!  As a stylist, I truly become a sculptor especially when I'm cutting men's hair. I am able to use my shears to create an ideal head shape and really focus on detailing the haircut to perfection. Unfortunately, it's a bit hard to do that with a quick swoop of the trimmers! Men are starting to seek out hair dressers instead of the barbers to accommodate these requests and it's great to see. They also can go a little longer between appointments, which is nice. Men are taking the extra time and effort to maintain a stylish look and it all starts with a visit to the salon!"