Exciting New Boston Hair Salon

Goodbye 2011 and Hello 2012! I don't know about you, but I think 2012 will be about embracing the ever so inevitable change. I know change can be scary, but let's take a minute and accept that change is good. It's exciting. It's motivating. And it's what makes life interesting! Welcome to the Salon Eva Michelle Blog! We are a new salon on Boston's most competitive street, Newbury. There are many Newbury Street Salons. What makes us different? Our mission is to create unique and innovative hair styles inspired by our clients. The greatest asset of the salon is in the culture and education of our staff. We not only continue to educate ourselves, but to continually educate our clients as well. From the moment you walk in the door you will experience something new.

Our salon is a bit of the old with the new, from the decor and in our Hairstyling. You will find the re-inventions of classic looks with a modern twist. The space is a story of conflicts and contrast—black and white, top-down and bottom-up, old and new, reflective and matte. In the hairstyling, we use the classic techniques with a creative edge. We like pushing the limits but only as far as you will let us and then some. We call ourselves Designers because we believe; We are Artists and Hair is our Canvas! We are also a bunch of hair nerds (I'll get into that more later on).

In our blog you will find hair tips, hair trends, hairstyle guides and a chance to meet our Hair Stylist Designers first hand. You will also have access to our How To Video Clips and our Educational Classes. We hope you find our blog to be interesting, educational and make you smile! Are you ready for the change? Join us!