Nylon Magazine February 2012 Photoshoot

So… last week I was asked to go to NY for a Stylecaster.com video shoot for Sebastian, which was exciting in itself. Turned out it was a photo shoot for Nylon Magazine! A 6 page spread in the February issue!!! Had so much fun.

Stylecaster.com had a contest of interpreting some Sebastian looks and the winners were chosen to be shot in NY. There were also visionaries; from DJ’s, fashion designers, jewelry designers, etc… Myself and 2 other Design Team members from were chosen to do the shoot – and we had a blast. And thank you to Derek, a Sebastian Urban Team member and also a new member to the Salon Eva Michelle Design Team, who came down to help us on the second day!

But even crazier then having the opportunity to do a magazine spread was that… you will never believe, MADONNA was in the next studio! Didn’t get to see her, only her clothes and shoes but it was worth it! :) Check out a video interview that I was in and I sneaked in a few shots too ;) Enjoy!