Boston Fashion Week 2011

What an exciting day we had! We had the privilege to work the closing day at the TENT at Boston Fashion Week 2011 last Friday. We had an amazing time styling hair for Second Time Around and Carter Smith. The inspiration for STA was a new twist on the rocker pompadour - 60's glamour with a high tail! We created the look by first sectioning the top Mohawk section and crimping to add texture and volume. With our hands we created the shape; a little sweet-heart shape to our pouf. Then we made a high pony-tail for the remaining hair and just curled the ends to have a bend. To add a little personality we took some hair from the pony and made knots with the hair and pinned in between the pomp and pony! :) So much fun!!! And the clothes were amazing!

For Carter Smith's colorful fabrics we made some soft waves in the hair. Using a mix of curling iron and curling with a flat iron, we created the curl set. Then we brushed the hair with a boar bristled brush to soften the curls into waves. Beautiful, sexy soft waves!

Look out for pictures soon! :)